Atop the World


It is interesting to believe that by 2020 there will be a new worlds tallest building that actually will trump this one.  We see in this photo that only the tallest buildings in Dubai can be seen above the clouds and the fog on what appears to be an early morning.  The light that we see coming up is undoubtedly from the levels of light pollution from the city below.  All of the buildings in the city are of significant height, however, the ones that we can see actually tower all the rest.  Each tall spire that is reaching toward the rest of the universe is lit up like a beacon of hope for a dark world.  Just one mans opinion, but this looks very calm and serene up from this view.  Under the clouds one can expect commotion, horns, sirens, tv’s blaring, and lots of talking.  Up here it is peaceful, quiet and majestic.


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