The City of Old and New


This week we head to the City State of Beijing, China.  I have deemed it the City of Old and New due to its ancient look in some areas and superb modern architecture in other areas.  Tiananmen pictured here is the capital building of The Peoples Republic of China it reminds me of ancient China’s proud history of all of the Dynasties and wars that were fought to secure the land.  I say proud because China, though sometimes corrupt is still an impressive country with a rich history of culture and art.  Tiananmen is known globally as the entrance to the Forbidden/Imperial City pictured below.  This week we will examine the city itself as well as art and the general culture associated with Beijing.



4 thoughts on “The City of Old and New

  1. I recently went to the Forbidden City! It is amazing! Have a blast and take it all in, there is so much to see there.
    I am soon leaving for a year long trip around the world and plan to go back and visit again.
    Make sure to check out the Pearl Market too. Great place to shop for anything and everything.

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  3. I liked Tiananmen Square very much but I have to say the Forbidden City was soo boring… ! I couldn’t wait to get out of there.
    Did you eat insects at the Pearl Market? 🙂 I thought that was awesome

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