A Point in Time

tree-sunset-listofimagesImage credit Listofimages.com

How do we judge what is out beyond our personal point of reference?  It could be our imagination, some areas of logic, and even areas of our past allow us to see things from a different perspective. What do you see here?  What are you missing in the image if anything?

Here is what i see…

A day is ending, to the tree that has stood here for many years it is just another day in time.  Its life has left it with both fruitful times and hardship.  Reminds me of a human being in a way.  The lower limbs look broken off in some areas.  Perhaps a lightning storm contributed to this.  The tree stands on the corner of a farm along the long fence line and gazes out over the plains.  It is a hazy afternoon as the sun sets.  The haze never seems to extend too far past the trees in the area.  Reminds us of a morning fog as the sun rises.  The sun in the background projects its beams of light as usual, now they are heightened and more visible thanks to the moisture that allows the light to refract.  It is hard to remember while looking at such magnificence that this tree, in the haze, at sunset, is only a point in time.



So this blog has a more personal appeal to it. I hope that it will serve a dual purpose. An outlet for my views and opinions on certain photos, and a forum for my viewers to share ideas and meaning. This blog will have a lot of images shown but expect some regular life views as well. I hope you all enjoy it and interact with the blog.